Write an essay about waste management

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Write an essay about waste management

Waste management essay is an integral part of the overall stewardship system. The structure, responsibilities, practices, procedures, and processes should be coordinated with work in other areas, for example, in production and economic activities, in the field of public health, etc.

write an essay about waste management

Ending the waste management essay introduction, it is necessary to say that this structure alone can not exist, therefore, it should be included in the environmental stewardship system. Processing of solid sweepings with the separation of organic component and its subsequent composting.

The current scheme of waste processing is the sorting of sweepings to remove secondary raw materials, separation of the organic part for composting and solid fractions to be burned or buried.

It should be understood that the practical solution of industrial sweepings processing is associated with large capital investments, so the construction of industrial waste processing facilities is rather slow.

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Waste stewardship begins with a change in the look at what household sweepings are. A well-known expert on the waste problem, Paul Connett, has a formulation expressing this new view: The write an essay about waste management of the concept of waste management is that the sweepings consist of various components that must not mix with each other, but be disposed of separately from each other in the most economical and environmentally acceptable ways.

The system assumes that in addition to traditional methods, waste reduction, recycling and composting reduce reuse recycle approach should become an integral part of sweepings management. It is assumed that the combination of several mutually complementary programs and activities, rather than one technology, even the most modern one, can contribute to an effective solution of the waste problem.

For each specific region, it is necessary to choose a certain combination of approaches that take into account local experience and local resources.

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The plan of measures in the sweepings stewardship system is based on the study of the flows of waste generated in different industries including householdsthe evaluation of available options, and includes the implementation of small pilot projects that allow gathering information and gaining experience.

At present, sweepings management is regulated by separate provisions of laws, regulations, and rules in the field of environmental protection and waste management. A lot of useful information can also be found in the scientific essay on waste disposal.

The modern structure of the system of environmental law combines legal regulation of nature stewardship for facilities with functional regulation of environmental protection and environmental safety. Thus, the use of a set of different methods for processing sweepings, focused on regional and sectoral applications, is a waste management system.

It should be built in the form of a hierarchical structure in which priority is given to methods that reduce the generation of sweepingstheir reuse, and recycling, thereby reducing the volume of waste to be buried or destroyed.

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Waste Management System Hierarchy The hierarchy begins with the diminution of sweepings at the source. This implies a diminution in the total amount of waste and a decrease in their toxicity and other harmful properties.

The diminution of sweepings is achieved by reorienting producers and consumers to products and packaging, resulting in less waste. The next level is recycling. This makes it possible to make full use of materials and reduce the amount of sweepings generated, and also significantly reduce the amount of waste that is consumed in landfills or incineration plants.

At the same time, recycling is the return of sweepings to the same technological process that led to their formation, and the recuperation is the use of waste after processing, or without it, in other technological processes or to generate energy.

The fourth level is the extraction of energy. Incineration reduces the amount of sweepings that enters landfills and can be used to generate electricity.WRITE A PAPER FOR ME – A SMART REQUEST.

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write an essay about waste management