What your clothes say about you essay

Here is your free sample essay on clothes Jatin Dutta Advertisements: Clothing is one of our basic needs. Man has been using clothes since time immemorial. Right from the Stone Age, man is trying to cover his body and has been using grass, leaves, tree bark, animal skin, etc.

What your clothes say about you essay

Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Fashion shapes identity in a multitude of different ways; from the colors we pick to the stores we frequent, who we are is ingrained in our style. Clothes, shoes, accessories, and even body modifications, like piercings, tattoos, hair dye, and cosmetic surgery, are all a part of fashion in one way or another.

Somehow we decide why we want those jeans, that pair of shoes, or our first tattoo. Considering we are highly complex individuals who absorb many different characteristics throughout our lives, identity is a complicated concept. From how fashion shapes identity in terms of age, gender, class, and more, we hope that this will help shed some light on who you are, why we make certain style related choices, and how to better understand others.

Age Women have been taught, oftentimes from a very young age, that there is a certain social standard for how we should dress at different stages in our lives. So why is this such a crucial part of our identities? Many of us use clothes to represent our ages, whether the actual one, or how we feel inside, and as we grow older, our fashion sense usually changes with it.

Fortunately, though, these rigid roles are beginning to become more fluid in the adult world sorry twelve-year-old meallowing your great aunt to proudly display her pink hair and butterfly ink.

For women in particular it offers liberation from what is a very negative set of messages around sexuality, appearance and self assertion, policed by a heavily moralistic language.

But as we grow older and begin to develop likes and dislikes, what we are left with can drastically change. With gender fluidity and the greater social acceptance of transgender individuals, our mainstream ideas of man and woman based on clothing alone is no longer the best identifier.

What ends up happening is that we utilize fashion as the self-expression needed to convey our genders, whether actual or desired, to the world. Whereas, someone on the opposite end of the spectrum may find themselves shopping at thrift stores, or possibly struggling to maintain a clean, tatter-free wardrobe.

Our clothing is a stark reminder of our identities, whether we like it or not. Based on these notions, is there one that you most closely relate to?

What do your clothes say about you? Share your thoughts with us on the EcoSalon Facebook page!Oct 21,  · Before we get in any deeper, take the retailer's online quiz to pinpoint your particular wardrobe MO, and then read below to understand what your Home Country: US.

What you present through your clothing often says more about you than you will be able to say about yourself in words. People who look like you will often be drawn to you, and others will treat you accordingly just based on the clothes you wear.

Here is your free sample essay on clothes Therefore, we can say that clothes affect almost every aspect of our life. Clothes play an important role whether it is the beauty of a person or decoration of the house. Functions of Clothes: 1. Provide physical protection.

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Why clothes matter: what your wardrobe says about you Clothes have not always been as influential a 'tell' of our personalities as they are today. Only as a result of technical advancements over centuries have fashion choices become significant.

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What your clothes say about you essay

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