Uss maine explosion essay

Some people say it was a mine planted by a unknown source to try to explode the US Maine, others think it was McKinley making a set up for a reason to declare war on Cuba. But personally I think it was an accidental explosion cause by a fault in the ship. While looking over evidence of the explosion I saw places where the metal was bent out, suggesting the explosion came from the inside, like an accidental fire caused by the set up of the ship.

Uss maine explosion essay

Just as he sealed the envelope a small explosion shook the ship followed by a mammoth detonation that rocked her and the surrounding areas Chidsey Sigsbee ran for his life, collected what he Uss maine explosion essay of his detachment and the rest of the crew, and moved to organize the ensuing chaos.

Sigsbee was the last off as per naval tradition. He looked back as the ruined mass settled on the harbor floor Chidsey The call for war had arrived; now those who controlled the flow of information, the media, to have their way with it.


Empire had been the word of the day. Germany, Italy, and Japan were working to catch up to the British and their two-hundred-year head start. Military theory and technology was changing.

It introduced a new view of international geopolitics: Control of the sea was considered vital to all national interest: But technology had also advanced. Coaling stations were now required at various intervals all over the world to keep the steam navies of the day going Chidsey Cuba had long been a thorn in the side of both Spain and the United States.

President Grant, hoping for an important historical accomplishment in an otherwise lackluster performance in foreign policy, attempted to buy the island as well and failed Chidsey Once again Spain refused American overtures, building on a great feeling on national pride and honor for what little was left of their once world-spanning empire Chidsey The United States and Spain had not been getting along in Cuba for many years.

The Sinking of the USS Maine

The American mass media, which was just now past its infantile stage and was ready to show its national power, had just learned that scandal and vivaciousness sold papers, said Irwin. It also ran a cover story of a Cuban woman being stripped naked and "inspected" by Spanish officials Reeder 4.

From this issue a new class of Republicans in the Senate was about to begin flexing their political muscles. They were very pro-American and very pro-business. The most notable of these was Henry Cabot Lodge the same who led the rejection of the Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations twenty years in the future Haydock.

Business interests had invested a lot of capital in sugar plantations in Cuba and were determined to see a return on their investments, and Senators like Lodge saw it their way Haydock.

But both parties made Cuban independence part of their platforms the memorable election between William Jennings Bryant and his "cross of gold" versus the front-porch campaign of stoic William McKinley, who eventually won Chidsey The previous president, Grover Cleveland, had decided to consider Cuba a non-issue, which would not be the case with the incoming administration Chidsey The country as a whole and the newly elected President McKinley considered Cuban independence a national priority Cavendish.

At this time a young and upcoming New York Republican who garnered national fame and position with his assistance in the election victory of William McKinley a few years previously was running the navy. According to Irwin, Roosevelt was the man in charge of the entire navy, because the real Secretary cared little for his responsibilities.

He also stated Roosevelt was a devout disciple of the doctrines of Mahan, and speculated that Roosevelt would even go as far as to send the Maine to Cuba and Havana Harbor in and attempt to stir up trouble or even provoke Spain.

The Maine was the first ship built in the new age of America embracing the doctrine of naval dominance and sea control as Mahan set it down. It was completed in and joined the Atlantic wing of the Great White Fleet shortly after Chidsey Unfortunately for the Maine, military technology was progressing at such a quick rate that it was obsolete by the time it was launched.

It was demoted to the status of a "Second Class Battleship" Chidsey It was too small to be a heavy ship-of-the-line in the primary battle-fleets, yet was too slow to serve as a battle cruiser: Irwin stated that the design of its coal bunkers and magazines were also an ongoing problem.

The coalbunkers were placed all around the outside of the ship to provide additional armor, but this presented a great risk of bunker fires cooking off the magazines. A heat and fire detection system existed throughout the ship to guard this risk; however, this system was complicated and prone to failure with the tools of the day McSherry.

The weapons magazines which were all full of high explosivesits coalbunkers, and the boilers were all placed adjacent to one and other McSherry.Explosion of the USS Maine The Maine was a Second Class Battleship and was three hundred and nineteen feet long.

It's armament was made up of four ten inch guns, six 6 inch guns, several gatling guns and four fourteen inch surface torpedo tubes. USS Maine explosion; USS Maine explosion. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON. USS Maine explosion. FOR ONLY $/PAGE. Order Now.

The US Maine, mysteriously exploded in the Havana Harbor, Cuba. Some people say it was a mine planted by a unknown source to try to explode the US Maine, others think it was . Jun 23,  · Essay on USS Maine explosion In the US ship, The USS Maine, mysteriously exploded in the Havana Harbor, Cuba.

Some people say it was a mine planted by a unknown source to try to explode the USS Maine, others think it was McKinley making a set up for a reason to declare war on Cuba. Essay USS Maine - U.S.S. Maine Captain Charles Sigsbee of the USS Maine, a battleship of the United State's Atlantic Fleet, was writing a letter to his wife about his hopefulness for the success of his mission in this foreign possession (Chidsey 54).

USS Maine (ACR-1) was an American naval ship that sank in Havana Harbor during the Cuban revolt against Spain, an event that became a major political issue in the United States.

Uss maine explosion essay

Commissioned in , this was the first United States Navy ship to be named after the state of Maine. The USS Maine is thought to have sank in February , following a explosion of its in advance gun-powder magazines. About 75 percent of its staff i.

e. men on board, lost their lives during the explosion.

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