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The milo uht

It is time to start getting the children and us parents ready for school again. I got lazy midway last year as I found it complicated and tedious to pack his bento box and resorted to letting him buy food from the canteen. She also suggested packing recess boxes or bento boxes for children before they head to school, as a simple solution to provide the right nourishment and ensure sufficient energy for children.

She shared that it is important for us to have the right ingredients and materials ready in the kitchen to ease food preparation.

By stocking our kitchen with sufficient food, it will make it a breeze for us to assemble bento boxes for the kids effortlessly. A good bento box should not only consist of nutritious food but must be appealing to the kids to encourage them to look forward to meal times.

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Next came the interesting part of the day where mothers are challenged to prepare a bento box for our children. Ethan and I decided to try making a Pikachu chicken sandwich bento using only knife and scissors as our tool.

Not bad for a first timer making a Pikachu. That was a last minute inclusion TEN kids were then given 5 flags each to be placed into their favourite bento boxes. By making this Pikachu chicken sandwich bento, I made it appealing and interesting enough for him to want to eat it. I took 15 minutes to prepare that Pikachu sandwich but I believe with more practice, I can be like Yan Diana and will be able to churn out an interesting bento box in just 5 minutes!

Packing a nutritious meal or snack can be fun and does not need to be complicated while ensuring that the kids have enough energy to focus and do their best at school.

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The milo uht

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