Term paper about consumer

Consumer Behavior Emotion and consumer behavior The study of consumer behavior is essential to the contemporary business advertiser and marketer. It is essential to determine the way that consumers perceive products and make decisions based on feelings and emotional perceptions. While targeting consumers is usually based on information and logical choice theory and analysis, modern marketers and psychologist have also began to realize the importance that emotional responses and "feelings" play in this form of behavior.

Term paper about consumer

Partnering to produce results. The paper and forest-products businesses have seen a lot of change over the last ten years.

Possibly the most challenging concept in the marketing is to deal with understanding the buyer behaviour. The attitude of Indian consumers has undergone a major transformation over the last few years.

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The Indian consumer today wants to lead a life full of luxury and comfort. He wants to live in present and does not believe in savings for the future.

An important and recent development in Indias consumerism is the emergence of the rural market for several basic consumer goods. The Indian middle class has provided a big boost to the consumer culture during the recent past and it is hoped that their buying behaviour will continue to change in the coming future.

Due to fast growth of the services sector per capita income of people of India is also increasing. The number of middle class is increasing due to another fact that people are fast shifting from agriculture to the services and industry sector where growth prospects are reasonably high as compared to the agriculture sector which is showing slow growth.

The consumption pattern of a country depends on liberalization of economic policies, buying habits of the younger generation, financial independence at a young age, increase in number of nuclear families and increase in media exposure of the people.

The tastes and preferences of the current generation are changing rapidly. The current generation does not mind paying extra for better facilities and ambience. Another major factor that has led to increased consumerism is the growth of credit culture in India.

The Indian consumer does not feel shy to purchase products on credit and pay tomorrow for what they use or buy today. This tendency has led to a tremendous increase in purchase of homes, cars, two-wheelers and consumer goods. The market for luxury products in India is also climbing at an astonishing rate as compared to a decade ago when it was almost negligible.

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The reason behind this is that the purchasing power of people of India is rising very steeply. The Indian consumer today is highly aware about the product, price, quality and the options available with him.

The purchasing is done by keeping all these factors in mind. Today, price is not the only consideration as it was a few years back when prices played a major role in purchasing.

Marketers are trying hard to capture this ever increasing Indian middle class as they form the bulk of Indian consumers.

The combinations of these various factors produce a different impact on each one of us as manifested in our different behavior as consumers.

The various factors that affect buying behavior of in rural India are: Environment of the consumer - The environment or the surroundings, within which the consumer lives, has a very strong influence on the buyer behaviour, egs.

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Term paper about consumer

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This paper will attempt to discus some of the aspects of the interaction between emotion and consumer behavior in both a practical and theoretical sense In the first instance, emotional factors are often seen as the opposite of rational or logical processes that affect decision making in consumer behavior.

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