Stp for yamaha

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Stp for yamaha

However, a mechanical engine is easier to repair in remote areas.

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Like other large-displacement fours such as the Beta 90, the direct-injection 4LHA range has mechanical fuel-injection and scores its power increase through turbocharging and intercooling. The mechanical aspect makes sense since there are many old farts like me out there who prefer this type of engine control.

Sure, electronic engine management reduces exhaust emissions and allows for real-time fuel flow and range-to-empty meters but in remote areas a mechanical engine is easier to repair than an electronic unit.

This is why mechanically injected engines from John Deere are popular in long-range trawler yachts. But these are heavy, achieve maximum output at much lower revs and are intended for full displacement hulls, not semi-displacement cruisers.

Way simpler when it comes to checking valve clearances. For its output the STP is a fairly high-revving engine, though not as high as the six. And Yanmar has kept a reliable OHV design with gear-driven pushrods plus a cast-iron cylinder block and head, even though freshwater heat exchanger cooling is standard.

Just as well since few owners would want the drag of keel cooling pipes in a semi-displacement hull. A high-mounted and voltage-regulated amp alternator is standard but this is bit light for powering comprehensive on-board electronics. The 2kW starter motor is mounted above the engine bearers and away from bilge water, though a well-maintained boat should never have more than a puddle in the bilge.

Yanmar offers two hydraulic multi-disc clutch gearboxes for the STP, both having eight-degree down angles at the output flange. The belt-driven camshaft does save weight. Like all mechanically injected diesels, the STP should not be run continuously below its maximum torque band or excessive injection advance could glaze the cylinder bores through unburned fuel.

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Mechanically injected diesels must be worked to maintain a long service life.I googled around and didn't find any really clear standard, simple technique for this--just a lot of forum discussions that led to some very intricate grounding schemes for data centers, like the one referenced in the standard.

I have a pair of Yanmar HP 6LYA STP diesel engines with approx 75 hours in a 35' Egg Harbor. After the motors were installed the boat was laid up for approx 4 years with 20 hours on the motors.

Last year the port motor had water in the fuel. We drained the tank and flush the tank with.

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When it comes to filtering oil throughout your engine, you want to be sure you have the best product for the job.

Whether you have a new vehicle or an older model, . This owner’s/operator’s manual contains in-formation you will need for proper operation, maintenance, and care. A thorough under-standing of these simple instructions will help you to obtain maximum enjoyment from your new Yamaha.

If you have any questions about the operation or maintenance of your watercraft, please consult a Yamaha dealer. To prepare for an oil change on my neighbor’s Yamaha V-Star cruiser, I gathered up my tools, laid down some cardboard to catch spills and drips, prepped my recycling containers, and readied the fresh oil and filter.

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Stp for yamaha

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