My experience learning english as a second language

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My experience learning english as a second language

Is it a case of the earlier, the better? A recent study by the University of Washington revealed that brain activity linked with learning language can be observed as early as 11 months old — when babies are about to say their first words.

This means that even just hearing different languages every day may give them an intellectual edge. Pearson English blog reader Virginia E. I never felt confused — it just felt normal for me. People begin learning a second language at different stages of their lives and for different reasons.

Today, however, our multi-cultural world means that children are surrounded by different languages from an early age. Many adults believe that children who are exposed to another language regularly will automatically begin to start learning that language because, they assume, it will be easily absorbed into their brains.

Yet, it seems that that is not always the case.

My experience learning english as a second language

Christine Thabet, a Pearson English blog reader, is particularly interested in young children who live in multi-lingual environments.

I have seen children refusing to speak certain languages, and others who quite happily switch between the four or five languages that they meet in their daily lives. Silvana Cura has this advice: Of course, speak to them correctly — simply, but correctly — in one language at a time per sentence.

Mum could even speak in one language and Dad in another, perhaps. Share it in the comments section below…. · English Language Learners and the Power of Personal Stories. “Ten Ways to Support English Language Learning With The New York Times.” English Language Learners and the Power of Personal Stories By LARRY FERLAZZO.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. My first foreign language learning experience was with French. I took two years of French in high school – in ninth and tenth grades – partly because foreign language study was a requirement for admission to college, and partly because I loved to read, and I thought it would be great to be able to read French literature in the original.

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My experience learning english as a second language

Learning a foreign language is possible for most people. All it takes is willingness, work and However, my second language –English is the most the most difficult to learn in a short period of time.

The learning second language is much interesting and challenging, and also make more experience if we have good group discussion and talk with the teacher about own experience and problems.

Is learning automatic for children?

My own experience with language learning has been a long and painful journey. Some people have told me they thought I had a “natural aptitude” for learning foreign The experiences of children learning a second language There is much debate about the best age to start learning a second language.

Is it a case of the earlier, the better?

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