Microsofts financial analysis

Now, with the dawn of machine learning, the future is up for a major change.

Microsofts financial analysis

Which types of content can I expect to see in Delve? Update your profile to help others find you Your profile page is where you can update your contact information and add information that you'd like people to know about you.

To give your profile page a personal touch, upload a picture of yourself and choose a background. Adding projects, skills, and education history to your profile is a great help to others who don't know you yet. Click Update profile to change your information or to add information that you'd like others to know about you.

Learn more in View and update your profile in Office Delve. You may not be able to change all information in your profile. Some information, such as your name or title, may be collected from other systems that your IT or human resources department control.

If you want to update those details, contact them or your admin. When other people visit your page, they can see your contact information and connect with you directly.

They can also see who you're working with, and what documents you and people around you are working on. However, they will only see documents that they already have access to, not your private documents or documents that haven't been shared with them. Learn more about privacy in Delve. Get back to your recent documents and email attachments This section shows documents you've recently authored or modified, and that are stored in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

You'll also see documents you've sent to others as email attachments. Click a document to open it, or click See all to see more documents. When you've clicked See all, you can use the tabs and the filter in the upper right corner to limit what you see.

Click a person to see what they're working on In this section, you see some of the people you work with, or people you're connected to in the organization.

Click a person to go to their profile page, or click See all to see more people. Discover documents from people around you This section shows a selection of popular documents from people around you.

The selection of documents changes over time, and is based on what the people you work with have worked on or read.

If you find something you want to keep for later, add the document to your favorites or to a board. Learn more in Group and share documents in Delve. Find information about - and through - other people Click a person's name or picture anywhere in Delve to go to their profile page.

You can also use search in the upper left corner to find someone. You can now search for people by skills, projects, education, or other information they have added to their profile. You also see people they're connected to, and a selection of popular documents from people around them.

You'll only see documents that you already have access to, not someone's private documents, or documents that haven't been shared with you. Searching for people by skills, projects, education, and so on, is currently only available if your organization has opted in to the First Release program Reach out to others through their profile page in Delve Contact someone directly from their profile in Delve, through email, phone, or Skype.

And if someone's not in, Delve shows their out-of-office message too. Other ways of finding information in Delve You can also find and discover information in Delve by using the options in the left pane: Search, Home, Favorites, People, or Boards. To search for people, documents, or boards, simply start typing in the search box.Stock quote for Microsoft Corporation Common Stock Common Stock (MSFT) with real-time last sale and extended hours stock prices, company news, charts, and research at Nasdaq.

Microsoft Financial Analysis – Destroying Value with Too Much Cash It can be hard to knock a long time success like Microsoft. Just because a company is successful, however, doesn’t mean that it practices efficient and effective financial management.

Microsofts Financial Reporting Strategy Microsoft’s Financial Reporting Strategy Microsoft’s Financial Reporting Strategy Note on Financial Reporting Strategy and Analysis When Managers Have Proprietary Information Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting Unintended Economic Implications of Financial Reporting Standards Microsofts Go-to-market Strategy for Azure in India AMB Property.

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You and everyone else in your organization have your own profile page in Delve.

Microsofts financial analysis

Use the profile pages to find information about people - and through people - and to help others find you. You can also connect with others directly from their profile page. Let's do a basic SWOT analysis of Microsoft.

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