How to write a letter to a canadian senator

There's "ample evidence" to suggest that no large Chinese company is completely free of government control, Warner and Rubio claim, and that could lead to Huawei spying on the intelligence operations of both Canada and its Five Eyes allies Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US. To back their case, the senators pointed to Australia's ban on Huawei's 5G technology as well a UK analysis of weaknesses in Huawei's engineering methods. That last study mainly drew attention to outdated software, however, rather than indicating suspicious activity. Warner and Rubio also suggested there might be an economic problem if Canada stuck to Huawei.

How to write a letter to a canadian senator

It adds a clause to section 10 b of the criminal code giving courts the power to deny bail to someone accused of a serious crime who is deemed a potential danger to children under the age of Kurt quickly joined the battle with his film 'Dear Zachary', and that did the trick.

Many millions of people saw the film and came away angry and disgusted with the authorities who took such good care of Zachary's mother while completely ignoring his safety. Hundreds - maybe thousands - of those angry and disgusted viewers answered the call to write their political representatives, and the result was bail reform bill C, which just became the law in Canada.

We want to thank you for doing your part in fixing this glaring problem. We can't possibly express this sentiment to each of you personally so I hope you're checking this web site periodically. We also want to thank Member of Parliament Mr.

how to write a letter to a canadian senator

Scott Andrews and Senator Tommy Banks for taking up this cause and producing the bill, then pushing it through the House and Senate.

Only one question remains on this issue: We'll be watching for cases and obviously hoping they put this change to good use.


On a personal note, Kate's health suffered a serious setback in ; she fell and cracked her skull in two places. She has mostly recovered, but there is some permanent damage leaving her a bit unsteady on her feet and subject to sporadic down days. However, if we were, there are two main issues we would pursue: The common thread in these two issues is an utter disregard for proportion and common sense.

Thanks again to all who helped get this bail revision enacted, Dave and Kate Bagby If you would like to write to the authorities in Canada about continuing concerns stemming from this case beyond the scope of Bill C, we encourage you to contact them: You will also find email addresses for most Members of Parliament on that site as well, if you prefer to send an email.

Then mail it to: Your Member of Parliament's name House of Commons.If you are in the US please write to your local senator asking them to co-sponsor Senate Resolution , If you are in Canada If you are in Canada please write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help free Canadian Falun Gong practitioner, Letter from Masanjia is a deeply touching and heroic documentary - a monument of compassion and.

The official site of the Senate of Canada. Learn about the “Red Chamber” and keep track of senators’ work on bills, committee studies and current affairs. Senators Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, Congressman Don Young, Governor Bill Walker, and Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressing Alaska’s priorities for strong and continued engagement between the State Department and the Canadian Government on the management of mining activity affecting.

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Mark Warner (D-VA) today urged Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reconsider Huawei’s inclusion in any aspect of Canada’s 5G development, introduction, and maintenance.

The letter follows comments made by Head-Designee of the Canadian Center for Cyber Security Scott Jones regarding Huawei. This sample letter below was written to a Member of Par Sample Letter: (Name) Member of Parliament (Constituency) (Street Address) (City, Town) (Postal Code) (Date) Dear (Mr.

My letter to a Canadian Senator

Ms. Mrs.) (Surname), I am writing as one of your constituents to express my concerns as someone affected by mental illness, and to ask for your help.

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Dear Zachary: Support Bail Reform