Buying patterns business plan

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Buying patterns business plan

Although different consumers belong to the same market segments, they do not behave alike, and the characteristics of the products and services would not appeal to them in the same degree. Just as income tastes and other factors influence the demand for a product, so the behaviour of consumers are influenced by socio-economic and cultural factors.

Unless these factors are identified and taken care of the marketing manager may be chasing shadows. The way out is the use of marketing research methods that actually determine the socio-cultural factors and measures, which will then put him in a situation to effectively market his products or services.

Cultural influence has been a major set back for the marketer both internally and externally. For effective marketing, cultural influences of individual on aggressive marketing have to be taken care of in that vicinity.

Though locally, different culture of many ethnic groups in Nigeria tends to influence the decision of many consumers. Consumer behaviour is constantly being attacked by culture. So for effective and efficient marketing in Nigeria, Marketing managers should undertake a research on the influence of culture in consumer buying behaviour.

What is culture and what effect does it have on consumer buying behaviour? Many Scholars of thought has given many definitions to culture and each one seems to point at one direction the way of life of people in a given society.

buying patterns business plan

Culture according to E. Looking at this definition by Taylo we can deduce or refer culture to be our social heritage which has been passed or handed down to us by our forefathers, from generation to generation and which we have come to accept as our mode of life. Mode or way of life here means behaviours or acts, which we have adopted and imbibed in us through culture.

This goes to prove that culture has immense influence on these different groups a fore mentioned by Allison.

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Culture intervenes in the economic decisions made by individuals either as personal consumers or when they may be acting for an organization. Interaction takes place between a man and his environment; He is affected by the society of which he is a member.

In other to understand peoples behaviour the knowledge of the influence of culture norms and values is essential.

buying patterns business plan

Thus they postulate that culture consists of important traditional ideas and in particular the values, which are attached to these ideas. Cultural influences affect motives, brand understanding, attitude and intention to purchase.

The definitions help to create awareness of culture as the medium that binds a people together and characterizes its specific way of life. It is made and preserved, changed and destroyed by man. Culture has an impact in consumer buying behaviour and consumption habits, which are part of the behavioural patterns of individuals, are deeply affected by the prevailing culture of the society in which people live.

Every society develops different cultures, which reflects the many parts of human behaviour that have been learned and accepted by groups of people and these forms part of their traditional mode of life. Producers cannot go into manufacturing a new product without considering the cultures of the society where he intends to distribute the food.

Foreign marketers put cultures of various countries of their trading partner into consideration before attempting to export some producers to that particular country.MaRS is a member of MaRS Discovery District, ©November See Terms and Conditions Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Management Workbook 2 Business Model Design MaRS is a member of.

Business Plan Buying Patterns

Definition of buying pattern: Typical manner in which consumers purchase goods or services (or firms place their purchase orders) in terms of amount, frequency, timing, etc. . You've just purchased or opened a small business and you know your trade.

But when it comes to bookkeeping – and more specifically, budgeting – your skill set is lacking. The good news is that. Business Plan Buying Patterns. business plan buying patterns To see more business plan examples, business plan software, and other business planning tools visit Competition and Buying Patterns [back to top]Business plan competition and buying pattern.

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